Personalized Family Law Support in Port Jefferson NY

When you are dealing with a family law matter in Port Jefferson NY, you need a family lawyer that will take a personal interest in your case. Dealing with child support, child custody or divorce is very personal to you and you deserve an attorney that understands that getting to know your case is the best way to represent you on the matter.

You Are NOT Just a Case Number!

Patricia Issberner is the family attorney that understands how important the outcome of your case is to you. She is the divorce lawyer that offers compassionate representation. You should never feel like you are just a case number to your attorney especially when something as serious and life-changing as a family court matter.

Expertise in Family Law

Patricia Issberner offers two tremendous benefits when you are dealing with a family court matter:

  • Expertise in the law
  • Compassionate personalized attention

Expertise in the law is very important when you are trying to get the best outcome from any case but especially so in a family court issue. It can be very difficult to navigate the laws and to interpret them within the context of the law. A lawyer that will fight to protect your rights must have the expertise in the law to ensure your rights are always protected. Patricia Issberner’s Law Office focuses on family law and keeps abreast of the latest decisions that can benefit your outcome.

Of course, that compassionate personalized attention that you get at Issberner’s Law Office also plays a huge role in the outcome of your case. Having an attorney that will listen to your concerns and take the time to help you make decisions that will benefit you while you are under duress is the best representation. Call for an appointment and a case review today and get the compassionate, attentive, expert representation you deserve.

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